Attia akram research paper

Design A cross-sectional study was conducted in two districts of Pakistan's Design A cross-sectional study was conducted in two districts of Pakistan's Punjab province.

Attia akram research paper

Attia akram research paper

The term outsiders may be used to refer to those individuals or groups who are marginalized The term outsiders may be used to refer to those individuals or groups who are marginalized.

This research paper is an endeavour to study the health status of marginalised groups and communities - women, children, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, persons with disabilities, migrants and also the health status of aged in India. The paper also aims to highlight the discrimination and exploitation of these marginalised groups especially in terms of their health.

Further, study is carried out about how the rights of these marginalised groups are violated within the society. In India there are multiple socio-economic disadvantages that members of particular groups experience which limits their access to health and healthcare.

Some of the prominent factors on the basis of which individuals belonging to marginalised groups are discriminated in India, i. Sometimes each group faces multiple barriers due to their multiple identities. For example, in a patriarchal society, disabled women face double discrimination of being a women and being disabled.

Besides this there are certain groups in Indian society that are subject to discriminatory treatment and feel marginalized.

Attia akram research paper

They need special attention to avoid exploitation. The rights of disabled and migrants have been violated and sometimes they are discriminated and medical personnel are not ready to treat them because they are unable to pay such a huge amount for medicines.

No proper attention has been given towards their health condition. Finally it can be said that the health status of these marginalised groups in India are very poor as compared to other sections of population. This paper is based on the secondary sources such as reports, journals, census, books, articles and online sources.Ahmed Badar, Akram Al-Khadra, -Hozaifa, Fatma Lebda, Sameeh Al-Almaie.

Scientific Research Papers Presented to Refereed Specialized Scientific Conferences # Name of Investigator(s) Research Title Conference & Publication Date Attia Taha Ahmed Al Zubair Mohammad Hanif Health Promotion and Life style: Knowledge.

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In the past, several special issues on this theme have been published and separate papers in this category have been regularly published.

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