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Essay timeliness army

Army, especially its triviality, courageous soldiers and wise commanders, is widely glorified in our culture, history and mass media. The twentieth century, with its wars and numerous conflicts changed a lot in perception of the Army and now our people take the army as an important and essential part of our life.

Duty is the first and the most important value that involves a sense of moral commitment and obligatory to serve and defend the homeland. The essence of Essay timeliness army value lets soldiers act in different situations correctly even without appropriate orders, based only on the inner feelings of what is right.

Dignity and respect allows to appreciate the best in others, and each soldier should treat his colleagues as he wants to be treated.

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Army highlights the importance of equal treatment and opportunity for everyone. Unfailing loyalty to the chain of command, its goals, and Soldiers is one of the most important part of the effective army. A loyal soldier is the one who appreciates true leadership and is ready to cover his fellow soldiers, his loyalty is never questioned.

The group of soldiers who are ready to serve the country, regardless the obstacles and personal beliefs is the most powerful army in the world.

Honor is something that each soldier expects to receive for his selfless service, as The Medal of Honor is the highest possible military honor.

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Integrity is the quality of the professional officer of being complete or undivided; a person of integrity is truthful in all things, that he can be trusted. The last but not least, a personal courage requires soldiers to do what they are afraid to, to put their comforts, possessions and even friendships risk in the defense of the nation.

These seven army values of duty, respect, loyalty, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage are the core of the U.

S modern military culture.

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The general idea of the main army values can be also expanded with the U. Any person who decides to join the military, are required to commit themselves to achieving and maintaining main army values of the corresponding country.

The United States Army. Organization The United States Army.By David Gordon -- The contributors to this outstanding volume have grasped a simple but unfashionable truth: war is a great evil.

It entails horrible suffering and death on a large scale and has served as the principal means for the rise of the tyrannical state.

By Lao-tzu

Redemption Army Makes A Difference Essay, Research Paper Make you of all time wonder where those unfortunate than others go for aid? Make you of all time feel the demand to assist them? Well, I felt like assisting so I went to the Salvation Army.


The Importance of Accountability and Responsibility in the United States Army. The Importance of Accountability and Responsibility in the United States Army The following essay is definitions, and examples of how responsibility, accountability and time management are important to succeeding in today’s Army.

Army Engineer Memorial Awards. Application Deadline: 3/15/ Amount: $2, The Army Engineer Memorial Awards were established in as a living memorial to Engineer Officers killed in Vietnam and are given annually to honor all Engineer Officers who died in the line of duty. This essay, will discuss the history and importance for the playing of taps.

History During the American Civil War, a new melody named taps played in the place of lights out.

Essay timeliness army

Although, adopted by the Union Army to mark the end of the day, it also marked the end of life.

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