Inelastic demand essay

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Inelastic demand essay

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Article shared by Followings are the main determinants of elasticity of demand: Commodities are classified as necessities, luxuries and comforts.

Commodities arc also classified as durable and perishable. Demand for durable goods is more elastic than perishable goods non-durable because when the price of former increases, people either get the old one repaired or buy a second hand.

A commodity has elastic demand if there are close substitutes of it. A small rise in the price of a commodity having close substitute will force the buyers to reduce the consumption of the commodity in favour of substitutes.

If no substitutes are available, demand for goods tends to be inelastic. Demand for salt is highly inelastic because it has no substitute. Number of uses of a commodity: Larger the number of uses of a commodity, the higher is its elasticity of demand.

The demand in each single use of such commodities may be inelastic, but the demand in all uses taken together is elastic. For example, gram is used for money purposes.


If its price rises, it will not be used in less important uses and the quantity demanded will fall appreciably. Contrary to this, the bangles for women have no other use and, therefore, their demand is relatively inelastic. Possibility of postponement of purchase: If the use or purchase of a commodity can be postponed for some times, then the demand of such commodity will be elastic.

For example, if cement, bricks, wood and other building materials become costlier, people will postpone the construction of houses. Therefore, price elasticity of building materials will be high. Importance of the commodity in consumers budget: The demand for such goods is inelastic on which a small portion of income is spent, the j items like toothpaste, shoe polish, electric bulbs have inelastic demand as we spend a small portion of our income on these items.

If the prices of these items rise, the consumer budget is not affected much. On the other hand clothes and durable items take away a large portion of the income.Significance And Causes Of Price Inelastic Supply Economics Essay Elasticity of demand is the degree to which price has changed with the change in demand for a product (BusinessDictionary, ).

Inelastic supply is when the change in quantity is lesser than the change in price. In the context of income elasticity of demand, air travel is considered normal luxury good for most households hence it is considered income inelastic. However, some may consider air travel as a normal necessity especially when business travelling is concerned.

Aug 03,  · completely inelastic. C) Demand becomes more inelastic the lower the price.

Essay Price Elasticity Of Demand – Price Elasticity of Demand of Newspapers Essay

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Inelastic demand essay

When the price elasticity of demand of a product is inelastic (Ped. Economics Model Essay 2 and due to the inelastic demand, the decrease in the supply is likely to lead to a small decrease in the quantity.

Therefore, the effect on the quantity will depend to a large extent on the relative changes in the demand and the supply. As the essay is on the long side, students who cannot produce it within the. Aug 21,  · College essay writing service Question description Choose two real-world companies in different industries, one that you feel faces elastic demand and one that you feel faces inelastic demand.

In each case, you are an economist working in the company and you have come to a conclusion of what kind of demand the company faces.

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