Kfc service marketing case study

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Kfc service marketing case study

Kfc service marketing case study

Our latest assignment — head into a Starbucks, and create trouble for them to see how they react. Then repeat with a Dunkin Donuts. Starbucks I ordered a latte — standard size.


Not many other people in the shop. The lady taking my order seemed very pleasant and tried to make a light joke. I received the latte. I then tried to return it and get a Mocha, offering no explanation why.

The chap who had make my latte turned, initially confused, to the barista next to him. She nodded and said it was okay — after which he took the latte to one side and produced a mocha to my taste. The mocha is slightly more expensive than a latte. They were originally known for donuts hence the namebut in recent time coffee has become a central offering — so much so that the logo has a coffee cup on rather than a donut: Same trick — I ordered a latte, took a couple of sips and then tried to swop it.

They just swapped it. What does that mean? We heard stories of two stores just down the road from each other in New York having completely different customer service standards. The Problem With Starbucks … is one of segmentation. Now that time has moved on, a new and significant younger segment who is used to premium coffee just wants to get in, get their coffee and get the hell out.

Barista knowledge of the coffee, a pleasant environment Now: Speed So we can make two deductions. Will this start to turn off the older segment? Will they start heading to Peets instead?Lead Select 'Lead' to find cases in which a media or channel plays a leading or significant role (available for case studies since ).

Mix Select 'Mix' to find cases that simply include a media or channel in their marketing . The Kentucky Fried Chicken acquisition gave PepsiCo the leading market share in three of the four largest and fastest growing segments in the U.S., quick-service industry.

By the end of , Pizza Hut held 28 per cent share of $ billion, U.S pizza segment.

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case study mentions that the CEO and CFO focus on numbers and less on marketing. Membership in classic rewards is down nearly 20% and the average number .

Kfc service marketing case study

Some benchmarks but that a love story. Creative writing a part of marketing. Pass exams to write an essay plan. Times new funding, mobile marketing strategies if the health services to write a case study . KFC is a $12 billion global brand and a leading quick-service restaurant (QSR) in many countries.) Nirula’s, one of India’s oldest food chains (completed 75 years in service in March ), has a network of around 62 outlets in five states across Northern India.

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