The evolution of human parental investment essay

Rochester Institute of Technology This review discusses how two theories--evolutionary psychology and social structural theory--apply to mate preferences, jealousy, and aggression. It compares explanations from both theories for each sex difference.

The evolution of human parental investment essay

Education[ edit ] Trivers studied evolutionary theory with Ernst Mayr and William Drury at Harvard from towhen he earned his PhD in biology. He is currently a Rutgers University notable faculty member.

Trivers was awarded the Crafoord Prize in Biosciences for "his fundamental analysis of social evolution, conflict and cooperation".

Newton was godfather to one of Trivers' daughters. Trivers said that he was told to teach the class even though he objected that he knew nothing about the specific subject. In his first lecture, Trivers told the class he would do his best to learn the subject along with them and with the help of guest lecturers.

Rutgers suspended Trivers for involving the students in the controversy. Trivers told the Rutgers campus newsletter that Rutgers' officials refused to meet with him.

Trivers also told the student paper: It is no coincidence that E. Wilson 's Sociobiology and Richard Dawkins ' The Selfish Gene were published in and respectively, just a few years after Trivers' seminal papers. Both bestselling authors openly acknowledged that they were popularizing Trivers' ideas and the research they spawned.

Each of these books is based in large part on Trivers' ideas and the explosion of research they inspired involving dozens of animal species, mathematical and computer modeling, and human social and cognitive psychology.

The evolution of human parental investment essay

The Quarterly Review of Biology. Sexual selection and the descent of man, pp — The relationship between communication and consciousness. Books[ edit ] Trivers, R.

Evolution of Human Parental Care and Recruitment of Juvenile Help Research Paper

Selected Papers of Robert L.Search for more papers by this author. Kim Hill is an Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico. He studies human behavioral ecology with a focus on life history theory, foraging patterns, sexual division of labor, food sharing, and the evolution of cooperation.

Trivers () suggests that for males, offspring involves little parental investment whereas the reproduction for the human female involves considerable investment.

Evolution of Human Parental Care and Recruitment of Juvenile Help Research Paper

The best strategy for reproductive success for a human . The Evolution of Human Parental Investment Essay - Parental investment is any contribution that a parent gives to an offspring to increase the offspring’s chances of survival and reproduction at the expense of the parent’s ability to contribute to other aspects of its fitness (Barrett et al., ).

Any investment by the parent in an individual offspring that increases the offspring’s chances of surviving at the cost of the parents ability to invest in other offspring is the definition Triver gives to parental investment. Human parental investment is unique in two respects, both of which are best understood from an evolutionary perspective.

First, the amount of parental investment is large compared to other primates. Second, fathers share a larger proportion of parental investment in humans than in most other mammals. The Evolution Of Human Parental Investment words - 6 pages limiting mating opportunities and the benefits of increasing offspring survival and reproduction.

Thus, human paternal investment must have evolved because the benefits outweighed the costs.

Sex Differences in Mate Preferences, Jealousy, and Aggression